A downloadable game for Windows

One player, one job, one desire...

VHS store sim with new approch to a physics solutions and customer service.

More then 4100 VHS tapes to select from...

Featuring Chuck Norris cartboard display...

Dense 90's theme...

and many many more !


Hold right mouse button to grab object then left click to throw.

WASD - move

Spacebar - jump

Q - quit game


You had one job.zip 435 MB


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This was... interesting.

I have to say I didn't quite get what I was meant to do, there are tapes, customers and posters, I can throw stuff and when I 'lost' I had the option to continue destruction!? If anyone else can tell me what's what by all means let me know, in my video first part is Barely Afloat and the second is You Had One Job! nratcliff.itch.io/barely-afloat